Becoming Ishtar

This is Ishtar, also known as Inanna. Arguably Easter is named after her, some say it’s named after the German Goddess Ostera, yet there’s plenty of similarities between all Spring Goddess archetypes and Mythology is not a space of pedantry but curiosity. Ishtar is particularly interesting as her story reflects the Venus retrograde cycle. She [...]

Amnesia is Embarrassing

A great key of being oneself is; remembering. We have endured a great forgetting. Forgetting ourselves as children, forgetting ourselves as one with nature, forgetting why we are here. As an Irish woman there are more depths to forgetting. Forgetting the names of the plants, the meanings of the mounds, the hill forts, the fairy [...]

The Trickster

  The archetype of the Trickster is one of the strongest initiatory teaching medicines a person can encounter. In my practice there are no innately negative emotional processes. There are teaching emotions. There are no innately negative experiences. Only teaching experiences. The trickster in North American culture is often represented by a Coyote, who is [...]