What I Do

A Note on the Collective

As I work alongside the energies of manifestation and actualisation I also choose to contribute to the Web of Life. For each session I do I compliment the energy of the session with community magic. This can be in the material through planting meadows, trees or assisting in the natural world, or this can also happen through intention magic. I invite clients to nominate organisations or initiatives dear to them that they feel will benefit from some intention work. This is the service of giving back to the human and non-human communities of the world that inspires us.

All treatments available as distance work.

If you would like to consult with me before booking a session please feel free to connect with me using the contact me form.

Shamanic Soul Work

Soul work can restore balance to body and mind, it can also bring back forgotten gifts, talents and emotions such as healing abilities, joy, creativity, sexuality and much more. In the the healing traditions ones soul can depart from the body during incidents of trauma. This can happen at any time during life. Also we can encounter programming of self limiting beliefs which trap the soul. Shamanic soul work retrieves the energy of that aspect of the person, be it the inner child, the authoritative assertive self, the sexual self or any other aspect that may have departed, in order to integrate back into the holistic self. This work is conducted in tandem with the higher self of the client so the work is in fact guided by you directly to align with your needs at that time.

50-70 euro recommended contribution.

Siddha Kundalini Healing

Using the Sanjeevni Shakti channel of the Siddha lineage, Siddha Kundalini healing uses Sacred Geometry Grids in harmony with Crystals to clean each of the chakras to bring about greater clarity and insight, lift the energy and realign with the souls purpose. Situations that were previously confusing are often reported to be solved with great immediacy and can give the client a great sense of becoming ‘unstuck’ in their process. The service comes with a full report on each area cleaned and suggestions for maintaining the vibration of one’s path.

50-70 euro recommended contribution.

Mayan Light Language Grids

Passed down through generations of curanderos and curanderas in the Mayan lineage currently held by Starr Fuentes, Light Language is a powerful healing modalities suitable for a diversity of needs. It is an ideal complimentary energetic therapy to physical illnesses of any variety, likewise it is perfect for aiding in the manifestation of intentions around career, relationships and self-actualisation, all in accordance with Divine Will.
There are two varieties of grid,
A 7 Chakra Grid begins a process which is curated in consultation with the guides and higher self of the client. These grids are ideal in boosting us along in the right direction for us when perhaps we may not be too aware of our next steps. This type of grid can heal general blockages and blind spots energetically with ease. They are process work and will last between one month and seven months depending on the needs of the client.

It is €72 for a personal 7 Chakra grid.

The client is invited to check in about their process with me via phone.

A 49 Element Grid is a powerful intention grid that is designed with a specific purpose of healing or manifestation. The clearer the intention the more powerful the grid. As my teacher noted the only thing that blocks the power of these grid is our ability to be honest about what it is that we desire to heal or actualise! The grid operates like a mantra of light, a repeated prayer in our energetic field, inviting in the energies we intend to receive and tuning us to the frequency we seek to experience.
These grids last indefinitely unless the client states a goal date, for example Client Name meets their ideal partner by or before October 2018.
For long term intentions grids can be de-activated at the behest of the client and the mantra of light is silenced.

€144 for 49 Element Grid.

(both available as distance session)


Mayan Cubes

For those interested in potent multidimensional magic and practitioners of energy work Magic Cubes are Mayan lineage magic working with 27 dimensions of intention. Ideal for those who are psychically aware, using plant medicines and consciousness expanding techniques as well as those dealing with heavy energies. They are also potent healing devices that can activate subtle energies to support transmutation. I thoroughly recommend them for those with difficulty maintaining boundaries, emotionally, physically and energetically. Ideal for empaths, healing-co-dependency and increasing self-worth and healthy independence. Also for those who feel unsafe at times, Cubes can attune one to the energy of safety. For those seeking psychic ‘protection’ these are essential.

Each cube is a once off and can be deactivated any time.

€30-50 with consultation on intention recommended contribution.

A note on pricing
This work is service. In that sense I do not turn people away dependent on their means. If you are lacking in financial means other forms of exchange can be arranged. If you are in need at present we can arrange a payment scheme.
This is a powerful exchange of energy and is valued accordingly. In honouring those who brought forth these medicines (including myself) I value myself and the work that transmits through me accordingly. If I do not, I create karma for myself and the individual with whom I am working, as there is in an in-balance between our energies.

In that sense I don’t recommend to clients that they accept ‘free’ healings or other intimate services as these can lead to difficult karmic links between individuals (we begin to ‘owe’ things energetically to people). Offer anything to close the energy between you and the person.
Regardless I encourage those who connect with me to be honest about their means

We receive what we put in to our process, and as a person who is holding the space of process, I have seen that energy in the form of money, love, compassion, determination and responsiveness.

No one in our society is not entitled to healing, but we cannot reap a harvest that we refuse to sow.