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Galway 23/24 November

During this time of year there’s a gentle urgency to clean, clear, reassess and create a safe comfortable space allow the light to descend so the dreaming season can begin with better clarity.
The New Moon in Virgo that just passed compelled many to action as to where they are going next, emotionally, spiritually, creatively and materially.
I have just settled into my new home on the threshold of Connemara. Right now it’s time to pick the hedgerows and gather wood, begin preserving and anchor a routine to begin work in earnest.

In November I am offering a weekend of initiations. The name of these initiations is ‘Conversations with Bog Men’. This name came to me as I remembered sitting with the Clooney Cavan Bog Man in the National Museum as a teenager where he offered his secrets to me.
In all of us is a Bog Man and a Bog Woman. Some part of us sacrificed in that moment, tanned in skyless centuries and tattooed with forgetting so that they may be excavated to reveal the meaning of a time where once we were in conflict, but could not resolve it there and then. In the Bog People there are many keys to ancient memories and in these memories are medicines, clues to who we are now and how we came to be. This will be the medicine of these initiations.

This weekend is for those ready to begin the journey of remembering, extracting what is required, and releasing, so that they may do so for others. It is to offer a foundation and a format for practice and participation with the unseen and subtle in ourselves, in others and in the world mirror. Many of you who will receive this are sensitive and intuitive. You are invited to anchor your awareness with strength, support, and healthy boundaries. With these foundations and imparted techniques participants can move forward into developing their own unique skill set, and those who wish to can begin Medicine Wheel Training with me.

I note that I am only the conduit for YOUR initiatory process. This is not a sect of any spiritual path, simply a mirror for your own journey. What comes through is for you and from you, not me or my teachers. What I and my human and non human predecessors provide is simply the space of awareness for you.


We will be holding the workshop in a beautiful ceremonial roundhouse on a citylink bus route from Galway city (easily accessible for those without cars).
There will be sleeping space provided. For those who want privacy it is suggested that you bring a tent or ask that one be erected for you.
It will be November and therefore it will be cold. This is part of the process and we will engage with our desire to ‘control’ discomfort. Still it is important to in your own self authority to bring what you need to be warm, bedding/sleeping bag/jumpers, there are sheepskins to sleep on, that is all. There will be fires both outside in the evening and in the space and participants are welcome to bring instruments.
The fee must be paid in full by November 21st. A booking fee of 50euro is required by PayPal by October 31st.
No drugs/alchohol on site and during the process.
No phones in the roundhouse.

Further details available to participants after booking fee is received.
If you would like to forward this email to a friend please feel free.
They are required to make contact with me of their own accord before the workshop.
Please email me at this address to book and for further details.

A note on the timing

It is important to note that we are in a massive collective shift in consciousness. This acceleration has been extremely hard on many of us. Now it is time to resolve those processes so we can each hold better space, compassion and authority in our individual communities. Ask yourself, am I prepared to be the one who carries back the light after this solstice? For my family? My community? Or for myself?
If you still feel you need to be carried yet you wish to attend, contact me beforehand and we can discuss your process and why you feel called to this work.

If you’d rather not be contacted about events I’m holding just message I’ll remove you from the mailing list.

Wishing you all wellness and love at this changing of the seasonal wheel,

Any questions please just ask or contact me via Whatsapp on 0861573991

We, As Healers (1)

Earth Medicine (3)Earth Medicine Grounding Workshop with Sionnach Shakti

Experiencing anxiety? Feeling disconnected from nature and authenticity? Or just need to feel a sense of deep reassurance that you’re on the right path and doing the right thing?

Earth Medicine is workshop designed help us ground, release and refresh, so we can set off merrily secure that the path is out before us and we are aligned with ourselves.

First we connect back into Earth, Pachamama, Anú who nourishes and holds us.

Next we release what no longer serves us to her and bask in her supportive care and unconditional acceptance.

Then we refresh and gather new energies from the Earth to set us on our path.

With this new energy we will connect to the dream of our being through the web of creation, trusting our bodies as safe containers for our frequencies.

Finally we connect with one another and share our dreams of being through physical presence and the knowledge that we are support by our brothers and sisters.

The workshop is a combination of breathwork, guided visualisation and contact activity. There is a sharing circle at the end to connect in with the fellow explorers with whom we have shared sacred space.



Chakra Shakti Workshop


Chakra Shakti Workshop Level One

In this workshop we focus on building a foundation awareness of the different chakras and their roles in the physical, emotional, mental and physical realms.

The workshop is delivered over the course of one day and will deal with each one of the major chakras on the etheric body. Participants will learn to test for various blocks and start creating a personalised tool kit to release the energies and clean them.

The day begins with a healing energy initiation in to the Energy of Illahi-i-Noor. This energy is powerful and rare and compatible with Reiki channels and other bio-energy healing modalities.

We will also work with the importance of opening, holding and closing space n our own personal work and when healing for others.

Chakra Shakti Level Two

In level two we go deeper into the major chakras and begin to explore minor chakras. In this course we expand our awareness of the subtle bodies and broaden our tool kit for realignment.

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